Company history

The Raineri company was founded in 1910 when Leonardo Raineri opened his “Bottega” for the sale of extra virgin olive oil in Imperia – Porto Maurizio.

The business was further developed and strengthened by his son Antonio who, thanks to his experiences traveling, soon became an expert in methods of oil processing and production.

Over the years he always demanded the best from his olive growers and oil mills, so much so that Antonio himself can be credited with having begun promoting extra virgin olive oil in Imperia.

In 1986 the company came under the radar of the Rinaldi family and a group of associates, food culture enthusiasts, who have worked and continue to work together to further promote and qualify this product by revisiting ancient traditions and customs.

Under the direction of Pierluigi Rinaldi the company continued to expand, so much so that in 1999 it inaugurated a new facility in Passo di Sarola, near the old and famous Acquarone oil mill. Thus, in 2001, the company moved inland, also beginning a partial renovation of the old mill. In 2010 the Raineri Agricultural Company was born.

Today Raineri is a well-established company that combines tradition and technology, values that it will try to uphold with the same simplicity as always