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  Pesto alla Genovese with fresh basil

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES for 100 g | ENERGY 2633 kj / 630 kcal


Fat 64.2 g

Saturated fat 9.8 g

Carbohydrates 6.1 g

Sugars 1.0 g

Protein 6.6 g

Salt 3.5 g

Pesto alla Genovese with fresh basil

This sauce is a perfect portrait of Liguria: delicate, rich and wonderfully scented! It is the Pesto alla Genovese — the Ligurian sauce par excellence for your pasta recipes, bruschettas and many other delicacies.

How do we make it? We follow the traditional Ligurian recipe, of course. And we only use top-quality ingredients.

Our pesto is unpasteurised. We start from the young and tender basil leaves, which are harvested and washed in fresh cold water. We then dry the leaves and season them with salt and oil and chop them in a food processor with other delightful ingredients such as pine nuts.