Our values are our actions.

We love experimenting

We experiment and try every day to outdo ourselves, with an eye to the future yet never forgetting our origins. This is how we get premium quality products but, more importantly, products which are true to themselves, the history of the region they belong to and the authenticity of their taste.

We listen to further improve

Our philosophy is held in our logo — a simple yet innovative writing.

Simplicity, like that of nature and its products. Innovation, like the one for which we have always been known. Since 1910 we have been growing and evolving with our customers, consumers, collaborators and partners.

We listen to you to understand your wishes and needs and we try to anticipate them.

Our message? The love for good food, for the products which originate from our passionate commitment. A hard yet so rewarding work that we would not change with any other.


Our values are our actions.

Our recipe for excellence

Recognition requires attention to details

To offer a premium class extra virgin olive oil we focus on details: from taking care of our olive grove to wrapping our bottles to protect them from light.

We came in deeper contact with our region

In 2010 we added another fundamental part of our history: we established the Azienda Agricola Raineri, integrating and coordinating all stages of the extra virgin olive oil production.

It all starts from cultivation: we take care of 10,000 precious olive trees on a 25 hectares grove. We then follow every stage of production: harvesting, pressing, processing chain, storage and bottling.


Our values are our actions.

1910 is when it all began.

Our history began in 1910 in Imperia from the dream of Leonardo Raineri: establishing a small business to valorize the great heritage of Liguria — olives and oil.

A dream with a history spanning more than one hundred years.

Over a century of tradition-respecting innovation

Leonardo’s dream resulted in Raineri being an excellent, sustainable company, a benchmark in the production of extra virgin olive oil. How? Thanks to the wise leadership of his son Antonio, that was later in the 80s taken on by the Rinaldi family and a group of owners who uniquely kept on valorizing the region and the product.

In 1999 Raineri inaugurated a new plant in Passo di Sarola, close to the ancient and glorious Acquarone’s oil mill factory in the inland not far from Imperia.

Azienda Agricola Raineri was established in 2010 — an agricultural company integrating all the most important stages of the extra virgin olive oil production process, from olive cultivation, to their harvesting, processing and storage.

The final fundamental element? 

In 2011 the company installed solar panels on the outside area dedicated to the storage of bottles in order to be able to produce the power it needs.

The Raineri’s commitment to the environment goes further:

in 2018 we bought the property in front of the company building with the aim of launching a project dedicated to the local community.

in 2019 we implemented the separate collection of paper and plastic in both the office and canteen areas.  All plastic bottles were replaced by glass bottles.

Towards the next 100 years. Innovation is what we have always been known for. Since 1910 we have been growing and evolving with our customers, consumers, collaborators and partners.


Our values are our actions.

A transparent quality

We listen to our customers and that’s why we believe in the value of traceability.

We help you trace back the whole olive oil production process: from the finished product to the origin of the raw material, allowing you to know each individual company for any reason involved in the production and packaging of the product.

Raineri: a world to discover and visit

Do you know that you can come and visit our premises and the museum?

Book your visit and discover for yourself the olive oil production process. You will learn how to recognize the criteria to identify excellence as well as the best matches for food and oils.

No rules, just tips and suggestions we would like to share!

Write Chiara to plan your own guided visit.


Our values are our actions.

Also taste has its rules

The attention to the quality of the products has always been a key value of ours — to ensure safety, transparency and a globally trusted quality.

Good worldwide

We comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System following the P.C. Agro Food Standards (product certification for the “Taggiasca” extra virgin olive oil), as well as the BRC and IFS standards for branded products for large scale retail and foreign market.

We are a member of the Consorzio di tutela della D.O.P. Riviera Ligure Riviera dei Fiori and we are also certified for the packaging of the organic extra virgin olive oil (Control Body ICEA).

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