Products that suit different tastes

While the olive oil is our crown-jewel, olives, pesto, vinegars and preserved seafood in Raineri olive oil are ever-present products to complete the range of colours, flavours and fragrances. 

The result? A selection of the best products not only from Liguria but also from our collaborations of excellence.

From the extra virgin olive oil to the 100% Italian EVOO, Raineri chooses only the best from nature. For an excellent product, conceived to season in a healthy, natural and nutritious way.

When the best land and sea products meet, the taste really comes to the fore and creates traditional yet creative and innovative specialties. Made for all, made to win over!

Intense and delicate, because they can enhance even the most exotic and refined foods. From the high-density balsamic vinegar from Modena to the more traditional white and red wine vinegars.