Raineri Web App

Benefits for our agents

The Raineri Web app allows our agents to:

  • fill in the orders for their clients in real time, also remotely. They can do that while they are at home on in their office while on the phone with the customer, or even during a meeting wherever they are.
  • have a customized look at the Raineri catalogue. agents have a tailor-made product catalogue for each customer which is based on their purchase history. This means less time for filling in and a more rapid and efficient communication between the agent and the customer.


  • have a constant support at their disposal to communicate customized last-minute offers!

Benefits for retailers and restaurateurs

To our retailers and restaurateurs we want to:

  • ensure no waste of time for placing their orders


  • introduce a new way of communicating which is also perfect to describe important and special tailor-made offers.


  • A customized experience for them! Our Web app is a fast, smart and customized way to establish a link between businesses and Raineri.

Raineri Web App

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