Projects and Partnership / Ragazzi in Azienda

A unique opportunity to allow the young to approach our world.

As our Tasting Manager Pino Costa says, “We participate in this project because it is an early opportunity for the youngsters to make contact with the business community. This is a regional project and our business has been chosen among those in the Imperia province. We are very happy we had the chance to host the young in our manufacturing plant and premises and maybe teach something to these newcomers to the work world.

At the end of the visit, these young people also have the opportunity for a tasting session, because, strange as it may seem, they often do not know the product well, although they were all born in the local area. They will certainly have the opportunity to get to know it a little better”.

At the end of each visit, we offer a tasting session to our young visitors to popularise the oil culture and spread knowledge.

A real opportunity to learn something new each year.